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MEET Scaffold Faculty

a first-in-class faculty management tool

Scaffold Faculty will be a transformative system designed for online faculty management.  It will replace manual processes by introducing automation into the scheduling and contracting processes. Give your institution the power of an easy to use, cloud native tool, that simplifies and organizes your faculty resources.   

Available February 2020

What is scaffold Faculty?

Scaffold Faculty treats your instructors as a critical resource.  Maintaining your credentialing database, scheduling course sections, and managing faculty performance data has never been faster or easier. Welcome to a simple and affordable tool that will allow you to do more with less.






Faculty Evaluation



Course Approval

Course Offerings

Course Availability


Maximum Course Load

Scaffold Faculty will replace manual, time-intensive faculty scheduling processes that involve Excel spreadsheets and Word documents, all while providing users with the data and information needed to make critical faculty and scheduling related decisions. 

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