Meet Scaffold designer

the industry’s first fully-integrated course development tool

Scaffold Designer is a unique course development tool that changes how you interact with your LMS.  We offer easy-to-use course development features and functionality that had been unavailable to academic leaders, instructional designers, and faculty subject matter experts. Product Specs (PDF).

Build complex courses — without HTML.

What is scaffold designer?

Scaffold Designer is the industry’s first cloud-native, fully-integrated course development tool that automates manual processes and improves efficiency for instructional designers and faculty.  Come learn how centralized and re-useable content can increase the pace of your course development. 


Significantly reduce course development time


Direct content mapping into your LMS, eliminating the need for HTML


A fully configurable system that puts the control back in your hands


Simple, guided course creation tools for faculty and designers

Scaffold Designer replaces manual, time-intensive course development processes, like shared documents, emailed Word templates, and laborious content loading, with direct integration into the major learning management systems.

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