EdTech’s first fully-integrated course development tool, Scaffold Designer streamlines processes and reduces course build time by up to 50%. The product is currently in Alpha development in collaboration with Arizona State University’s Enterprise Partners and will launch in February 2019.

Course Development Wizard

The configurable course development wizard guides faculty subject matter experts through the development process. The wizard provides an instructionally-sound framework in keeping with college standards and guidelines. Authoring is done directly in Scaffold, replacing cumbersome document processes. Spelling checker at the page and course levels supports course quality.

LMS Integration

Scaffold integrates fully into Canvas and Blackboard. Common cartridge is used to integrate into other learning management systems, pending full API integration.

User Configuration

Colleges can configure Scaffold at the item level to deliver courses to their unique specifications. Using dynamic forms, visual layout changes, added field, and deleted fields can be done quickly and easily. Course building flow is entirely in the hands of the college, with as few or as many views as needed.

LMS Content Type Mapping

While other tools create self-contained content for loading into the LMS via another framework, Scaffold creates items mapped directly into the learning management system. Scaffold also provides styling options for optimal content presentation.

Multi-Media Library

Scaffold provides an institution-managed library of multimedia for easy integration into Scaffold pages, with a search function that allows course builders to add media to courses seamlessly.


Scaffold is cloud hosted, with all upgrades available automatically and downtime eliminated. A limited number of Scaffold Designer Launch Partners will receive significant benefits, including first access and preferred pricing for Scaffold products.

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