Changing from one learning management system to another is an arduous, resource-intensive, lengthy process. Because many elements of migration lack automation, migrating one course may take an average 10 – 20 hours with full deployment of instructional design and/or faculty resources. Maintaining access to two learning management systems during transition is expensive. Resource deployment limits bandwidth for new curricula development and course maintenance during migration. Scaffold Migration transforms the process.

Seamless Integration

Scaffold Migration integrates seamlessly with both learning management systems. Limited technical support is required to accomplish migration, eliminating copy/paste of HTML and
rearranging course content.

Concurrent Course Conversion

Automation has been designed to accelerate course migration, so courses can be migrated concurrently. Rather than one course after another, Scaffold Migration accelerates the entire
process exponentially.

Application Programming Interface (API) Mapping

The APIs for each learning management system are mapped to each other, allowing automated content migration across systems. The process also maintains structural integrity, so content is
delivered appropriately and accurately in the new system format.

Content Quality Validation

During migration, potential errors that may occur are automatically identified and fixes are
applied to further assure structural integrity. Automated fixes applied real time reduce manual
quality review time.

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